Your key to safer, smarter grant-making

Brevio’s powerful suite of solutions and access to non-profit data make it easy. Simply add your grant to Brevio and let us do the rest. Brevio will provide you with qualified applicant matches, saving you hours or even days of valuable time.
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Customisable application processes

Brevio provides industry-standard application processes that are highly customisable to suit your grant-making needs. Whether you are looking to streamline your existing process or create a new grant program from scratch, Brevio is for you.

Insights & grant builder

Our user-guided journey provides real-time insights as you build your grant, helping you identify the causes, beneficiary groups and locations most in need of funding.

Application designer

Our application designer allows you to create custom, branded, industry-aligned application forms that can be  added to any website or campaign email.

Applicant manager

Manage, filter and shortlist your eligible applicants in one place. Consider all matches or use powerful filtering tools to make your selection.

Due diligence

Coming soon
Receive comprehensive tailored due diligence reports on your shortlisted applicants, providing insights to help you make more informed grant award decisions.

Matching you to eligible applicants

Using real-time data and sophisticated matching algorithms, Brevio presents you with a pipeline of applicants that quantitively meet your eligibility criteria. Whether you are a first time donor, or work within an established organisation, Brevio’s tools will transform your approach.

Safer grant-making measures

Due diligence is an essential stage of grant-giving to ensure the non-profit is meeting eligibility criteria, and it's own objectives. With so many applications being made it is now more important than ever to implement risk-appropriate measures to ensure grants are awarded safely, and to the most deserving.

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