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Brevio’s powerful suite of solutions and an extensive non-profit database enable us to offer services to support the entire grant administration process efficiently.
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Solutions for grant-makers

We provide adaptable solutions for grant-makers, both large and small, addressing various challenges. From filtering ineligible applicants for oversubscribed grants to identifying those meeting specific criteria, our services streamline applicant discovery and screening. Additionally, our industry-leading due diligence service aids in risk mitigation, ensuring confidence in your grant awards.

Managing grants

For grant-makers aiming to streamline their grant processes- from building grants and designing application forms to discovering new applicants and managing applications all in one place- Brevio is the ideal solution. Whether you’re looking to integrate Brevio with your existing systems or prefer to utilise Brevio exclusively, the choice is yours.

Checking eligibility

For grant-makers contending with oversubscribed grants or a surplus of ineligible applications, Brevio offers a solution. By screening applicants with quantifiable data, we deliver an unbiased selection of applicants truly eligible for your grant, streamlining your processes and ensuring fairness and efficiency.

Safer due diligence

Due diligence is an essential stage of grant-giving, verifying that the applicant operates effectively and achieves its objects. Brevio conducts risk-appropriate evaluations, through a series of checks, allowing you to award grants confidently to the most deserving applicants.

Our services

Matching Platform

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Eligibility Checker

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Due Diligence

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Henry Smith

“We selected Brevio as a partner as there is a synergy in our approaches and priorities with due diligence. They champion and actively promote reducing wasted time for applicants, placing learning and iterative improvements at the heart of their service. Importantly, the team at Brevio are skilled and experienced in this field working alongside a range of grantmakers across the country.”

Rachel Nelmes | Head of Grant Operations