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We believe that proportionate and risk-appropriate due diligence is key to good grant-making.
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What is Due Diligence?

Most applications are made by well-run organisations whose stated mission is clearly aligned to that of the grant-maker.

But some are from less well-run organisations or those whose mission is not so aligned. A smaller number in most rounds could be fraudulent. With so many applications being made it is now more important than ever to implement risk-appropriate measures to ensure grants are awarded safely, and to the most deserving.

In 2022/23 Brevio conducted thousands of Due Diligence checks for grant-making organisations, large and small

We have examined more than 1,500 grant-making entities, gaining detailed insights into their end-to-end application processes

Our methodology has contributed to our clients achieving a 90% approval rate for shortlisted applicants

Designing and implementing risk-appropriate and proportionate due diligence processes is crucial to ensuring that grants are awarded safely, and to the most deserving organisations.

Our methodology is positive and collaborative:
we proactively support applicants throughout the process rather than stand-back and find reasons for them to fail.

We invest the time and resources necessary to conduct comprehensive and balanced assessments of each applicant so that grant-makers can make informed, objective decisions

People's Postcode Lottery

"People’s Postcode Lottery have engaged Brevio to provide a comprehensive due diligence service since 2022. We have been impressed with the level of detail, dedication and professionalism that the Brevio Team have shown, helping to ensure that charitable funds raised by players of People’s Postcode Lottery are safeguarded and delivered to only those that meet our eligibility requirements. Brevio have proven to be flexible and responsive to our needs, supporting the efficient turnaround of our grant application process."

David Nicolson | Community Programmes Officer

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