Who is behind Brevio and why should I trust it?

Brevio is a certified B-Corp and social enterprise Ltd company, meaning we are deeply committed to having a positive impact on people, society – and we continually invest in research and development that will further help the sector.

Brevio was founded and is funded by highly accomplished philanthropist Marcelle Speller, who was awarded an OBE for her work in the voluntary sector.

We are independent, which means we are impartial and can fairly meet the needs of both funder and applicants.

Brevio's solution has been co-created with major UK grant-makers, as well as charities big and small. Right from the beginning, we have always sought feedback from third sector organisations to guide Brevio's development. This collaborative approach to building Brevio's platform creates a sustainable solution that works for you.

The University of Bath have been a great supporter of Brevio, and right from the start have provided academic rigor to Brevio's research and development. We now have three academics from the University of Bath on Brevio's board of directors. The board consists of world leading experts spanning technology, academia, government and blue chip organisations.

Does Brevio decide who I fund?

Absolutely not. If you're a foundation you can compare Brevio to a two stage application process, whereby Brevio is just stage one. We provide comprehensive information on charities that is typically asked by grant-makers in their application process.

Brevio then filters out all the ineligible charities, by allowing you to precisely tailor your eligibility criteria. This leaves you to apply your experience and judgement at stage two of the application process.

I see the benefit to charities, but not to grant-makers.

Our research showed that over £1 billion is spent each year by charities writing grant application (just for registered charities and paid staff time), of which 66% fail. This money has to come from somewhere, and it currently being funded by foundations and the general public.

This is your money that is being lost, and it's Brevio's purpose that more of it could be better spent on the end beneficiary and maximising impact.

There are lot's of other benefits to grant-makers, but that's got to be the most important.

Can I use Brevio to identify charities that need funding?

Yes, when designing your grant, you will be able to flex criteria to see where the need is. This is helpful so you can test your assumptions against the data, to design better more impactful grants.

You can precisely tailor your eligibility criteria so only eligible charities can apply to your grants - including new charities you may have not come across before.

You decide who to fund, Brevio provides a list of eligible applicants.

Does Brevio handle the money?

No funds go on Brevio. It's your money and it stays in your bank account until you decide to send it to whoever you choose to send it to.

All you do is set up your eligibility criteria, then wait for eligible charities to apply.

Is Brevio grant management software?

Brevio is not grant management software. It just gives you the information to put into your existing grant management software - and removes many ineligible applications in the process. Think of it as automating the mundane and repetitive stage one of the application process. You then apply your skill and judgement at stage two.

Brevio's API means the data can be seamlessly automatically transferred between Brevio and your system once the simple set up is complete.

Would you be able to provide a range of fees for a grant-maker?

Grant-makers have a no commitment free trial. The annual cost to use Brevio is based on the amount of funding you generally give each year.

I don't want charities to pay to apply to me

When charities apply via the Brevio application form on your website, it will always be free.

Are you going to vet and approve charities on the platform?

The third sector is unfortunately one that is vulnerable to fraudulent and inappropriate attempts to gain access to funds. It is really important to implement strict parameters for spotting inappropriate organisations, that's where our due diligence service comes in. We have developed industry-leading safeguards to give us the clearest possible picture of which organisations are more likely to be using funds appropriately for the mission they have set out to achieve.
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