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Whether you want to enhance or simplify your existing grant-making processes or replace them entirely, Brevio can help. We offer seamless integration for easy implementation.
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Brevio's Grant Builder tool provides real-time insights as you build your grant, helping you to identify the causes, beneficiaries and locations most in need of funding. Whether you have live grants or need guidance on where to focus your efforts, Brevio helps you curate a grant that attracts the applicants you need.
You can:
  • Choose from hundreds of causes to easily build out your criteria in minutes
  • View real-time results of how many organisations could be eligible for your funding as each cause is selected
  • Gather data on the locations, causes, or beneficiaries most in need of funding
Brevio's Application Designer lets you create a custom, branded, industry aligned form in just a few clicks. Embed it into any website or campaign email to streamline your application process and provide applicants with a seamless experience that reflects your organisation's branding and values.
You can:
  • Fully customise your eligibility criteria towards causes you want to support
  • Set up custom pre-award questions so that your applicants can check if they’re eligible before applying
  • Build unlimited application forms for all types of grants
  • Embed into any website or create a unique sharing link for invites
Brevio's Applicant Manager allows you to manage, filter and shortlist applicants all in one place. Consider all matches or use our powerful filtering tools to select specific sub-groups and take the optimum number of applications through to shortlisting, all in one streamlined process.
You can:
  • View applicant organisational details
  • Invite eligible non-profits who have yet to apply
  • Create shortlists and accept or reject applications.
  • Add your own notes to applications
  • Integrate Brevio with your grants management system
  • Export all data in a format that suits your application process

Due Diligence

Coming soon
Applicant Due Diligence is crucial to ensure funds are allocated appropriately to deserving organisations, especially with so many in need. We help you implement risk-appropriate measures to ensure safe and effective grant allocation.

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